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Matt Kerlin
New Heaven and Earth

The end (of our study of Revelation, that is) draws eerily near.  This week, we reached the climax of the book in chapter 21 as Matt described for us the creation of a New Heaven and New Earth in the end of time.  All things will be joined together and nothing will be the same.

It’s important to note here that in the end, we will not escape the “bad” things on earth to go to a new home in heaven…God is preparing a place for us here.  The Earth we have will be made new and good and joined with Heaven like it was intended.  So don’t spend your life here trying to escape—spend it trying to prepare it for that day when it will be new.  Make it beautiful.  Clean it up.  Your work is not in vain. 

As you listen to this podcast, whether alone or with a group, meditate and pray upon the renewal of God you’ve seen in your life as well as the renewal you’ve observed in the world around you.  It’s there…and this is just a preview. 

Enjoy and come back next week for the last Shiloh of the semester!!!

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