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Taking a break from Revelation, we celebrated Holy Week in Shiloh this week with a more non-traditional service focused on the story of Christ. The sketches above portray four themes from this story:

Palm Sunday

The Last Supper

The Crucifixion

The Resurrection

As Holy Week approaches, it’s such a blessing to meditate over these images and the photograph above to remember the sacrifice of Christ that fuels our very being.  The photograph seems happy enough, with a sunshiney tree, yet the barbed wire fence brings in a hint of unease, reminding us of another truth: we are not yet to perfection.  Continuing next week with our study of Revelation, we find ourselves in a place where we can bask in the glory of Christ, but don’t forget our humanity and sin that placed Christ on the cross.  Take this week with awareness of your sin and hope in the resurrection.  And if you have a minute, listen to the song “Death in His Grave.” Life changing. 

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